Dear Kamut® customer,


Please find herewith the changes sales prices for:


KAMUT® brand khorasan grain of crop 2012 from Saskatchewan & Montana

These prices are valid from 01-09-2012 until 31.12.2012.



The prices are considerably higher due to the following reasons:



1. The currency exchange rate: the main reason for this price increase is the fact that the EUR dropped substantially, compared with one year ago, against the CAD/USD (with 16% against the CAD and with 17% against the USD).


2. Our price to the Kamut® farmers increased also considerably:


A. Due to the continuing drought in the American Mid-West, the wheat harvest largely failed. The international grain markets have already anticipated during the growing season on this reduced offer, reason why the prices of conventional and organic cereals went up drastically. So we offered also higher prices to our Kamut® farmers, to be able to compete with those world grain prices.


B. In addition, several organic farmers stepped out of the organic program this year and returned back to conventional farming. To stop this movement and to keep the farmers on board of our organic Kamut® program, we offered them considerably higher prices, as an long-term investment for our future Kamut® program.


3. Slightly higher transport prices.




Altogether, these factors resulted in the following changes of Kamut®prices.

Your current price will increase with:



+/+  20.25 euro / 100 kg for Kamut grains in sacs or big bags

+/+  21.75 euro / 100 kg for Kamut flour 100%

+/+  25.25 euro / 100 kg for Kamut flour 85%

+/+  27.50 euro / 100 kg for Kamut flour 65%




If something in this price offer is not clear, please don’t hesitate to contact us again.


Thank your for your continued support of the Kamut brand project.

Kind regards,


Raoul Schyns