Real bread requires real flour. And that is what the Commandeursmolen produces.

Real flour starts with the mill stones. Properly positioned French mill stones, to be exact. Because flour that is milled on these stones according to traditional methods and with great skill, taste, colour, aroma and structure are perfectly maintained. And this improves the character and the taste of the bread. Fragrant bread – real bread – bread ‘as in olden times’.

The milling is done at a controlled speed and appropriate temperature, never over 40 degrees. This is important because higher temperatures reduce the quality of the product. Taste and aroma are safeguarded. In our traditional mill flour the seed germs are also preserved. These are vital for the baking process and provide the end product with its typical ‘bite’ and flavour.

We work in steps: grinding/sieving, grinding/sieving etc. The coarsely milled flour is sieved, then ground again on other stones, and sieved again. After this we can produce any kind of flour or combination of flour/bran according to our customer’s wishes, thanks to our computerised mixing system and scales. That is how we are able to attain consistent quality, all through the year.