The Commandeursmolen has a clear perception of clients, quality and sustainability. One of its cornerstones is transparency. Our clients get full insight into all specifications, storage life and origins of our products. We expect the same transparency that is the norm at the Commandeursmolen from every party involved in production. We only work with reliable suppliers, placing a high value on personal relationships.

Another cornerstone of our vision is buying our raw materials regionally as much as possible, while retaining the same high standards of quality. Buying in the region reduces environmental pollution due to transport. It is also increasingly feasible due to the professionalization of farmers in the surrounding area, as well as the race culture of cereals.

Other aspects of our vision are constant improvement and innovation, an eye for detail as well as client wishes and sustainable management. The water in the Geul, the fastest-flowing river in the Netherlands, supplies the energy to turn the mill-stones and produces “green” electricity from our own hydroelectric power station. Any surplus electricity is diverted to the electricity network.

All of this is directly connected to the importance we attach to responsible entrepreneurship. To the tiniest detail. For example, we use environmentally friendly products in the mill as much as possible, whether it is paint, mortar, plaster, insulation or any other “green” building materials.