The standard assortment of the Commandeursmolen consists of about 40 kinds of flour, patent flour and mixed grain flour, intended for bakeries, industry and trade. We have conventional products but more importantly biological flour, patent flour and mixed grain flour, an area the Commandeursmolen has specialised in based on years of experience.

Organic products begin with the farmer. An organic farmer works and maintains his farm with care and attention for people and the environment. Crops are allowed to grow naturally, not enhanced by chemical fertilisation or pesticides. Natural fertilisation and crop rotation are used to prevent over cropping.

Organic fields yield less than regular agriculture, which means returns are different too: organic grains are more expensive. However, there are compensations. Because organic grains are not manipulated in any way, they contain less protein. This has an impact on the structure of the bread: less fluffy, dense and with extra character.

By buying mixed batches of organic grains arriving in 35 ton trucks, the products of the Commandeursmolen are of a consistent high-grade quality. This applies to all organic wheat products, but also to the organic spelt, rye, kamut and other grains.